We present the cocoa products of Altınmarka, the leader company of the industry which is identified by its quality to our business partners in the best way to find solutions.


Industrial Fats and Oils
Marsa A.S, which has Turkey’s most rooted oil production facility, prioritize customer satisfaction by carrying out the task of delivering our valuable industrial products to our valued customers.


Industrial Fats and Oils
We have combined our experience with Besler’s products that contribute to the quality and to the industrial sector. This partnership enables our valuable business partners in the food sector to reach all of our production at Desler plants seamlessly.

Pendik Nişasta

We carry out since its inception in the food sector that have achieved success with the objectives and quality Pendik Starch Inc.'s high standards in manufactured products sales throughout Turkey with our extensive distribution network.


The products that we produce under the Torku brand with a reliable food chain system at every stage. Almost every product we produce is produced by most of our farmers.


Milk Products
Aynes chooses the best for you by testing its products at every stage and packs each one under the control of its trained and expert staff without touching each other with superior technology.

Türk Şeker

Türkşeker, in the whole country; 25 sugar factory, 2 machines factory, 1 Electromechanical Devices Plant, 4 alcohol factory, 1 seed processing plant, and 1 research institute with R&D service.

Moi International

Industrial Fats and Oils
MOI International produces liquid and solid fats for the world market. We offer a range of special pastry oils, specially formulated deep-frying oils and their compounds and cocoa butter alternatives.
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Şemsi Kopuz
Board Chairman , ŞmsKopuz